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I specialize in the aspect of organizational management that deals with maximizing human capital.  Too often people think of organizational sustainability in terms of external resources rather than internal ones.  I help leaders and their teams to create strong, collaborative and dynamic work environments.   My goal is to help you manifest strong team effectiveness, steep organizational productivity, and a holistic and healthy environment.  My approach to consulting is to examine issues at the individual, group, and organizational levels.  The individual level might focus on themes such as staff development and skills acquisition, leadership style, motivation and follow through, and the appropriate match with the organization.  The group level might emphasize group and team dynamics, conflict resolution and morale, diversity and inclusiveness, team performance and accountability.  The organizational level might deal with topics like organizational culture, organizational structure, organizational effectiveness, and organizational change. 

I work with line staff, middle managers, and senior executives.  My labor of love is providing support to mission-driven organizations, nonprofit organizations, civic and social enterprises, and other organizations that are actively involved in or interested in working toward creating a more sustainable, just, and thriving world.

Cornerstones of my practice

  • focus on process and design (through creating thriving, suitable social environments; managing short term and long term; attending to process and outcome; managing stability and change)
  • focus on outcomes and accountability (productivity, profit, performance)
  • focus on innovation, emergence, and collaborative potential whenever appropriate

Organizations routinely underutilize their greatest asset –– their people.  It is not unusual to have only the senior team set the agenda for what an organization does and how it operates.   But success requires more than setting a common goal or direction.  Solving complex problems often requires distributed leadership, which means making use of expanded capacity, thought, and intervention.  Whether we realize it or not, narrowly focused leadership often creates unconscious biases that ultimately work against a group’s common drive and ability to fulfill its purpose.  A strong diverse team can out-produce and out-innovate more highly educated and more experienced homogeneous groups.  I can help you capitalize on the diversity in your workspace by helping you make the most of the pallet of skills available to you, given the multiple needs and perspectives on your team.

Consulting project example

Harnessing diversity in the workplace example: At the individual level, we supported staff members to recognize their unique gifts and contributions, as well as those of others.  At the team level, we taught the team through interpersonal games how to build flexibility and respect on the team and effectively manage critical conversations involving diversity.  A classic problem in organizations is how to get cross-departmental teams to be more functional and responsive to each other.  We also helped with this.  Increased interpersonal skills and more high functioning conversations foster better conflict resolution and cohesion on the team and increased workplace collaboration and generativity.

Additionally, we helped to translate the assets and insights of their diverse teams into changes in policies and organizational structures which could then grow the organization’s effectiveness, impact their ability to deliver their mission, and affect the tangible bottom line.   Furthermore, we helped shift the organization’s culture and processes in order to attract an even broader range of employee.  Harnessing the benefits of diversity in the workplace is not always easy to do but it is well worth it, for it creates trust and buy-in, unleashes dynamic creativity and innovation, and gets results!

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