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Collectively we invent new ways of being and relating through our experiences in conversation.  Conversation creates the building block of new social structures. At Catalyst for Growth we are able to organize, design, and bring together multiple stakeholders and “host” collective community solving conversations. The Art of Hosting is a highly effective way of harnessing the collective wisdom and self-organizing capacity of any group. The whole of any system is always more sophisticated than the sum of its parts.

According to the Art of Hosting website,

Groups and organizations using the Art of Hosting as a working practice report better decision-making, more efficient and effective capacity building and greater ability to quickly respond to opportunity, challenge, and change.  People who experience the Art of Hosting typically say that they walk away feeling more empowered and able to help guide the meetings and conversations they are part of to move towards more effective and desirable outcomes.

We believe we are in a moment of crisis.  Collectively we need to build other alternative structures and institutions because our current systems are woefully inadequate or failing.  We believe we can only discover new ways of organizing ourselves by coming together in community and unleashing our collective wisdom.  In Otto Scharmer’s new book Leading from the Emerging Future, he states that “the fundamental leadership challenges across (all) systems are basically the same. They deal with convening large, complex stakeholder groups, making them listen to each other, bringing them on a journey of seeing the system through the eyes of other stakeholders, taking them to a place of deep reflection and stillness, and allowing them to connect to their own sources of inspiration and energy.”  This practice of Hosting is something we do at Catalyst for Growth.  Anyone interested in working with us to create a community dialogue about a substantive community issue, please contact us.  We have a strong interest in participating on collaborative projects that target reinventing our social systems and pioneering new social institutions.

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