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Leadership for the Future Workshop

Technology and social media have revolutionized our world. Together they have increased the frequency and intensity of our contact with others, causing our lives to be more connected and, in many ways, more convenient. At the same time, digital technology and social media have also contributed toward making our lives more pressure filled and fragmented. The question for the future is “how might this new level of interconnectedness point to a new type of leadership style and potential?”  Having to manage so many different kinds of events and relationships simultaneously demands a high level of personal capacity and systemization. Leadership for the Future is a framework for better understanding and dealing with the growing complexification of our roles.

In our current complex and uncertain environment, one could easily become discouraged, overworked, or overwhelmed. This half-day intensive workshop provides an overview of shifting trends and the skills needed to successfully negotiate this higher demand.   It addresses the question, “what type of leadership development is needed beyond the Information Age?”

We are committed to make Leadership for the Future as accessible as possible to the greatest number of people.  Your generous support allows us to continue to provide access to this important topic to many different diverse communities.

Conscious Leadership Learning Lab

Increased outward demands and social pressures necessitate we assimilate a higher degree of personal capacity and skill. Those who want a deeper dive into developing leadership skills for the future are asked to join our Conscious Leadership Learning Lab. This group will lead participants into experiencing transformative processes first hand along with others in a cohort model. We focus on creating leaders who are compassionate, interdependent, productive, and capable of handling complexity and uncertainty.  The training focuses on both personal and collaborative leadership skills and provides you the opportunity to:

  • map your core strengths and more intentionally and consistently align with them
  • discover how your strengths also create your resistances and stagnancy and what to do about it
  • learn how to effectively coordinate your talents and skills with those of others, including learning to synchronize the timing of your passion and drive with the demands of the context or situation
  • develop an innovative mindset by being able to tolerate uncertainty and move beyond simple cause and effect
  • become more grounded and comfortable with change through the use of integral practices
  • learn the habit of learning new habits
  • understand the need to manage technological intensity through conscious prioritization and focus, technological tune ups, and planned technology breaks

Collaborative Leadership group

Our Collaborative Leadership Training group offers training in interpersonal dynamics.  It is a low structured group process that focuses on the here-and-now of interpersonal dynamics and allows people to see the impact of their behavior on others. This training provides you the opportunity to:

  • Increase your awareness of your own feelings in the moment and offer you the opportunity to accept responsibility for your feelings
  • Experiment with changes in your behavior
  • Increase your understanding of the impact of your behavior on others
  • Increase your sensitivity to others’ feelings
  • Increase your ability to give and receive feedback
  • Increase your ability to manage and utilize conflict
  • Increase your understanding of group development and dynamics, gaining a better understanding of the underlying social processes at work within a group
  • Increase your skill in facilitating group effectiveness


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