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The goal of life coaching is to help you get past whatever obstacle holds you back, so that you can continue to blossom and thrive.  Catalyst for Growth supports your development by engaging you in activities that build awareness and the capacity for critical self-reflection.  This then becomes the basis for your movement into action and allows you to make significant progress on your deepest and most important goals.  

Examples of coaching topics I can help with include:

•  managers who excel at producing outcomes but are weak in interpersonal process

•  activists who work toward sustaining others but not themselves

•  artists who have talent but no plan or direction

•  business persons whose careers have been wrapped in success but whose work has fallen short in meaning

I am trained and certified as a Master Level Integral Coach™ from Integral Coaching Canada®.  I use a developmental or transformative learning approach, which means I focus not only on ‘what’ you know but ‘how’ you know it.  In other words, the goal is not only for you to be able to find appropriate answers, but also for you to be able to look at your issue from a different angle (i.e. see it through different eyes). This shift is what makes continued progress in your goal sustainable.  I believe in whole-person learning — that is, learning that touches head (thinking), heart (feeling), and hands (doing).  As you work with me you could expect to 

•  learn more about yourself and your particular way of responding

•  develop or deepen your emotional intelligence

•  balance and/or broaden your capacities and skills

•  sustain yourself through personal practices and embodiment

Max’s Coaching Case

I have always been a top producer.  I was smart, organized, self-reliant, and driven to achieve.  The problem was, however, when I became a supervisor, I struggled with managing staff and being a team player.  Through coaching, I learned that I managed staff like I managed myself — high inner standards and focused on getting results.  I got feedback from others that they experienced me as either not giving them enough information/direction or being too controlling or dismissive.  To become more effective, I had to learn to not be so quick in my opinions, to slow down and listen more, to be more flexible and not expect others to be just like me.  I had to recognize that others had valid ways of working too, even though their way was different from mine.  I came to understand through coaching how my strength of exercising logic and self-control also carried a liability of undermining my connections and relationships to others.  Coaching helped me to not be so judgmental about my own emotional messiness and to be more okay with others’ as well.   I am learning to relate to others more personally rather than transactionally.  Finally, I learned the value of risking vulnerability rather than focusing on my image or need to be ‘on top of things’ all the time.  I did not see the value of that before.  Others report now that they trust me more and that I seem more “human” in their eyes.  It turns out I don’t have to stand on top of others and be a fierce agenda driver in order to push high quality and productivity.   In fact, people are much more productive when I can involve them in a mutually shared vision and when I can challenge and support them, as well as encourage them to do that for others.

Please contact me for a complimentary introductory session.


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