Human civilization is at a critical juncture.   As Joanna Macy describes it, we are in the midst of a Great Turning.  Many of the most pressing problems we face in the world are humanly created.  We are challenged with intractable social and environmental problems, deep conflict and fragmentation, and inequitable resource allocation.  Furthermore, we are faced with uninspiring leadership while also suffering from a collective crisis in meaning and purpose.  We have to discover new ways to live and meet our needs together without inadvertently destroying the planet.  I am committed to creating a future which calls forth and cultivates the best of who we are and what we have to give — individually, collectively, and for our planet.  Below is a list of avenues through which I work with others to bring about this future vision.


Life Coaching

Leadership Development Training 

 Organizational Development (OD) Consulting

Sociocultural Architecting