Growing Edges Blog


In the transformation process, we do not “make” ourselves change as much as we become undone and then redone.  At the core, it is not effort that shifts us as much as intention and attention.  We literally develop new eyes with which to see.  With the help of a coach, a therapist, a spiritual teacher, or through personal practices, it is the process of gradually seeing what we cannot see that slowly undoes the grip that our selfing patterns has on us.  Initially this new way of seeing doesn’t feel like us or perhaps it does so only fleetingly.  Until we can claim these new eyes for seeing, we are prone to keep dropping back into our old ways.  If you want to strengthen your capacity for change, instead of merely focusing on “will power”, try to see how developing your sustained ability to “witness” or watch yourself in action does not help the change process go farther and faster.


  • Systems Thinker
  • Change Agent
  • Innovator and risk-taker
  • Servant and steward
  • Polychronic coordinator
  • Teacher, mentor, coach and learner
  • Visionary and vision-builder

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