Coaching PhotoAntoine Moore is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Catalyst for Growth. Equipped with a creative, thoughtful presence and a calm, accepting manner, Antoine partners with his clients to support them to become more fulfilled, more compassionate, and more effective, complex thinking leaders. He is at heart a people developer. Also, believing that the human development function is integral to the success of organizations, Antoine also coaches managers on how to create supportive yet challenging, learning-rich environments to support employees to push forward the organization’s mission.

Driven by a multilevel, integral vision of holistic wellness, Antoine has a passion for individual, group, and community development, having done various forms of human development or capacity building for 20 years. He has worked as a management consultant, facilitator, trainer, creative arts therapist, director, and integral coach. Antoine’s particular fascination is in leadership development and how to help people lead meaningful, impactful lives. He also has a strong interest in helping groups to harness their full potential together while honoring and bridging the diversity of all members of the collective.

He is skilled in various learning modes including coaching, training, dialogue, experiential learning, intersubjective inquiry, developmental learning practices, expressive arts explorations, and hosting/community dialogues.

  Antoine is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area.  In his spare time he enjoys exploring different cuisines, writing poetry, engaging in spiritual practice and reflection, and speaking Spanish.

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